Gilbert Cordina aka Interconnekted

With more then 30 years of experience Gilbert has produced more then 90 tracks of pure Psytrance and Psychill. Hi projects Interconnekted and In Spirit have been performed numerous times around the world and uncountable performances on the island of Malta. He now is on his way to start sharing some of his knowledge with you through the Sacred Space Studio music production courses!

Sacred Space Studio

Is a project aimed to share and spread the highly addictive Interconnekted sound. It's idea of teaching his own way of music production which is unique interesting and very psychedelic. Knowledge in microtuning which is also very important nowadays haveing most of our music industry governed by the norm 440hz, it aims to change that by promoting new ways of micrtouning to anyone who might be interested.

Musical Meditation Album

An album with more then 20,000 downloads!

Infinity Codes Album

2nd Album of this project is one of my best works!

Future Frequency Album

Future Frequency is my latest album produced in pure 432hz tuning using Pythagorian microtuning scales.

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432 Hz frequency microtuning

My courses are aimed to engage the musician into trying new microtuning sonic possibilities, opening the world of sounds to different dimensions. 432hz is a frequency said to stimulate not only our bodies but also the world around us thus vibrating to the frequency of the planet. I have found that also the solfeggio frequency is a very good microtuning scale and the sound becomes more in tune with your soul thus making healing through the psychedelic world more possible.